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Custom Bass Drum Graphics

Patentagoose is a member here at Sticks4drums.  He owns a graphics company in Quebec.  If anyone would like custom graphics done for their bass drum heads, he is the man to talk to.  He does amazing work.  Info below.

[email protected]  javascript:mox();




I just want to say thank you for everyone that has joined my site so far.  I am very pleased with how it has started out.  I especially want to thank Giuli for all the hard work he has contributed with pictures and videos.  I also want to thank Patentagoose for his work on my bass heads, and the service he is providing for our members.  My hope is that this is always a place for drummers to come and learn about great products, and to be able to share with one another without fear of criticism.  Glen.  


This is a site for lovers of drums.  Please feel free to become a member, we would love to have your input.  Come and enjoy the pics, and forums.  

My Story

I have been drumming since I was 3.  I have always loved it.  My first kit was a mish mash of odds and ends aquired from my dads friends, or second hand stores.  My first real kit was a Rogers kit back when I was 16.  Rogers went out of business, and a local drum shop picked up a bunch of odds and ends.  I pieced together a 7 piece kit, in 7 different colors.  I covered the toms in black fake fir to match the bass.   My next kit was a 7 piece Tama Imperialstar in black.  Double bass!  Oh ya!  After a long hiatus from drumming I got back into it after buying a Roland TD7 electronic kit.  I was in a condo at this point, and it was great to be able to play again.  From there I upgraded to a Roland TD10 kit, which felt a lot more like acoustic drums.  Recently I was feeling the need to see if I could still play acoustic drums.  That is when I built my current kit.  A 14 piece Mapex, Saturn, in Arctic White.  


Mapex, Saturn in Arctic White -

22 x 20 bass x 2, 8 x 6 tom, 8 x 7 tom, 8 x 8 tom, 10 x 9 tom, 12 x 9 tom, 13 x 10 tom, 15 x 13 tom x 2, 16 x 14 tom, 18 x 16 tom,

Sabian cymbals -

Paragon Splash 8", Max splash 9", Paragon Splash 10", AAX O-ZoneSplash  12", AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash 16", AAX Stage Crash 16", Paragon Crash 16", AAX X-Plosion Fast  Crash 17", HHX Evolution Crash 17", AAX Stage Crash 18", Evolution Crash 18", AAX X-Plosion  Fast Crash 18", AAX O-Zone Crash 18", Paragon Chinese 19", Paragon Crash 20", Paragon Ride  22", Paragon Hats 13" and 14"

Tama Iron Cobra Hi-Hat, Pearl remote Hi-Hat, Mapex Falcon pedals, DW Stainless Rack, DW Throne,